Theory andPractice

The development of today’s globalization era makes many people required to be able to master English. Learning English is not only learned in schools or courses, it can also be learned through grammar books. Actually, how important is English to be mastered? The answer is very important. Yes, among them there are several underlying reasons that English is important to be mastered. The first is because English is the official language used as the language of international to communicate among countries. The second, is due to the fact that most of the information circulating in the world is presented in English, one example is the internet. And the third is English as a skill that has to be required. As we know, companies generally look for those who has good competence in writing and speaking English, of course, accompanied by expertise in other fields. In short, English is actually very necessary for the future success.

These factors inspired us to write this advanced grammar: theory and practice book. So that the English learners may easily learn the English grammar and apply this both within and outside of the classroom. 

Hopefully, this book will make and help them learning Advanced Grammar easily and  to provide benefits for lecturer in the process of teaching and learning Advanced Grammar.

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